Kirpa Ram Dairy Private Limited

There is nothing left to recount about the incalculable benefits of dairy products, predominantly milk, that has been already said as well as documented at the top of food pyramid of mans diet for years. To provide you even better version and healthier iterations of milk and milk products, KIRPA RAM DAIRY PRIVATE LIMITED was established in year 2007 and has since then, achieved somewhat of a cult following and reputation for its milk and milk products, that are a go-to choice of clients owing to their premium quality and excellent taste. Based in Ghaziabad region of Uttar Pradesh, India with a experience of over 50 years and 3rd generation in the industry. We have excelled at providing the world-class dairy products such as Ghee, Butter, Frozen Cream and Milk Powder’s to name a few and aim to persist doing so, in order to establish ourselves as industry leaders in the foreseeable future. We also believe in supplying quality products and building healthy business relationships with our valued clients.

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